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Energy policy agreement with companies

Funded measures:

  • Roof insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Basement and floor insulation
  • Highly efficient glazing


  • Voluntary agreements with industry to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their CO2 emissions
  • Subsidies to persons governed by public law and to non-commercial organizations for carrying out studies and work aimed at improving performance energy and the rational use of energy in buildings
  • ECO PACKS – Funding mechanism granted by the Family Housing Fund in Wallonia, and by the Société Wallonne du Crédit Social, combining a zero rate loan with the granting of bonuses
  • Réhabilitation logement- Premiums for the refurbishment of improvable housing and premiums in favour of tenants who refurbish improvable housing under a lease
  •  Primes énergie – Bonuses aimed at promoting the rational use of energy

Brussels region:

  • Call for projects “Exemplary buildings” – a financial instrument
  • Local Action Plan for Energy Management (PLAGE)
  • Periodic control of boilers/heating systems
  • Energy auditing
  • Maison de l’Energie (MEH) provides effective support for  households regarding their housing (purchase, rental, occupation, construction, renovation)
  • Energy bonuses are regional aid available to any natural person or legal entity for work relating to the improvement of energy efficiency or the use of renewable energy sources
  • Passing on of the occupancy cost
  • The obligation of fuel oil suppliers


  • Rational energy use/public service obligations incentive for: roof insulation, glazing, wall, insulation of floors and basements, solar water heater, heat pump, boiler with heat pump
  • Energy performance contract (including EPC extension with increase + reduction in the threshold in accordance with the energy plan declared at 0.1 PJ)
  • Environmental incentive + mini-EPC
  • Connection of SMEs to district heating systems
  • Optimisation of the settings of existing natural gas and heating oil boilers
  • E-Level < E30 (reduction on property tax)
  • Nudging via info on bills
  • Tax per kilometre for lorries


  • implementation of the long-term renovation strategy for Walloon buildings, with all measures being eligible for the Article 7 scheme, both in the residential sector and in the public and private tertiary sector, including the exemplary role of public buildings in achieving energy neutrality well before 2050;
  • easier recourse to energy performance contracts, with the guaranteed result meeting the impact demonstrability requirements of the Article 7 scheme;
  •  implementation of the FAST plan, with all modal shift measures (soft modes, public transport, shared vehicles, etc.) being eligible for the Article 7 scheme;
  • a new generation of sectoral agreements with industry and business;
  • continued financial support for businesses transitioning to sustainable energy, with a particular focus on SMEs

Brussels Region

Besides those from 2014-2020, also

  • NRClick is a regional support programme providing technical and financial support to reduce energy consumption within the buildings of local and regional public authorities in the Brussels Capital Region.
  • Improvement of the energy performance of public lighting
  • Good Move regional mobility plan 2020-2030
  • Energy savings in public transport (Société de transports intercommunaux bruxellois – STIB)
  • Energy Pack – The successful federations have received a subsidy to offer free energy coaching to their members, and also to non-members who apply

There is a federal policy for the protection of low-income or vulnerable residential energy consumers. Certain initiatives taken at the federal level are helping to make energy bills more affordable.

  • Social tariff for electricity and natural gas
  • Fonds Gaz et Electricité (Gas and Electricity Fund)
  • Fonds social chauffage (Social Heating Fund)
  • Payment by installment
  • Gas and electricity campaign: osez comparer (dare to compare),

but there are also measures on the regional level.

Policies for the Article 7/8 EED

This country content is under development.

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