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EEOS: Obligated parties (OP) are all companies selling energy to final customers beyond a threshold depending on the energy type, and including of all types of energy sold (excluding fuels for transport) (96 OPs in 2019): 20 GWh/a for electricity and district heating; 1 million m3 natural gas; 6,500 tons of liquid fuels (excl. transport fuels); 13,000 tons of solid fuels. The individual targets (for OPs) are set annually, taking into account changes in energy sales per OP in the previous year.

Alternatives: AM1 – Individual energy savings targets for owners of government and municipal buildings, and industrial sites consuming more than 3 GWh/year (2014-2016): complementary obligations in the first period of the EEOS.

AM2 – National Program for the Energy Efficiency of Multi-Family Residential Buildings (2016-2020): the programme provides owners’ associations (for co-owned buildings) with financial and organisational support. Initial budget for this programme was BGN 2 billion (about €1 billion).

AM3 – Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness” – Procedure “Increasing energy efficiency in large enterprises”

AM4 – European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 – program area “Renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy security”

SEDA is issuing energy savings certificates (ESC) to the project holder (OPs or third parties). SEDA systematically verifies the savings calculations before issuing the ESC.

OPs can register their ESC on an on-going basis. They then need to report annually to SEDA their achievements vs. their target. Based on this, SEDA reviews the progress of each OP.

The reported savings should be validated by qualified energy auditors registered with SEDA. They should be independent vis-à-vis the actions (i.e. not involved in the ex-ante audit or any other service related to the action evaluated).

Training and/or qualifications are also required for installers.

No specific requirements for the current period of obligations.

Policies for the Article 7/8 EED

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