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1. Photovoltaic systems – Net metering (3 Kw) – Grant Scheme. Household Sector

2. Energy efficiency investments in public buildings (REPLACEMENT OF SPLIT UNITS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR )

3. Energy efficiency investments in public building (NEW INSTALLATION OF SPLIT UNITS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR )

4. Energy efficiency investments in public building (REPLACEMENT OF HEAT PUMP CHILERS/ VRV IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR)

5. Grant Scheme «Saving Energy – Upgrading of Households»

6. Grant Scheme «Saving Energy – Upgrading of Households» – vulnerable consumers

7. Grant Scheme «Saving Energy – Upgrading of Enterprises»

8. Soft measures (information campaigns, trainings, workshops, etc.)

9. Integrated Fleet Management System ( Central Government vehicles)

10. Energy efficient street lighting

11. Motor vehicle taxes based on CO2

12. Training Eco-driving

13. Installation of Photovoltaic Systems for commercial and industrial consumers (own use).

14. Grant Scheme for replacement of solar thermal collectors for domestic hot water.

15. Taxes in electricity

16. Taxes in fuel

17. Urban incentive for increasing nearly zero energy buildings.

1. EEO – energy suppliers (electricity and transport fuels) are obligated to trigger energy savings actions on the final customer level

2. Additional floor space “allowance” for new buildings and buildings that are renovated.

3. Supporting scheme for promoting energy efficiency renovation in dwellings through European Structural and Investment Funds (Programming Period 2021-2027)

4. Individual energy efficiency interventions and energy efficiency retrofits in selected governmental buildings.

5. Implementation of soft measures (information campaigns, training, workshops, etc)

6. Supporting scheme for promoting energy efficiency investments in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through European Structural and Investment Funds (Programming Period 2021- 2027).

7. Supporting Scheme for promoting energy efficiency in municipalities and communities through European Structural and Investment Funds (Programming Period 2021-2027).

8. Supporting Schemes operated by the RES and Energy Efficiency National Fund for promoting energy efficiency investments in the Residential and Public sector and energy audits in SMEs.

9. Advanced Metering Infrastructure Plan.

10. Promotion of energy Efficiency in enterprises, through voluntary agreements under the “Business 4 climate” initiative.

11. Energy efficiency in the water sector.

12. Vehicle excise duty based on CO2 emissions.

13. Energy consumption fee applied on electricity.

14. Excise tax on road transport fuels exceeding the minimum levels as required in Directive 2003/96/EC.

15. Action plan for the road transport sector

16. Energy Fund of Funds providing soft loans for energy efficiency.

17. European Regional Cooperation Program “GREECE CYPRUS – Renovation of public buildings.

18. Energy efficient street lighting.

The responsible authority (Energy Service of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry) will publish annually, energy savings achieved by each Obligated Party, as well as the cumulative savings under the obligation scheme. Energy poverty mitigation results are included.

Based on the provisions of the Electricity Law, the Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, after consultation with CERA and the Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, has issued an Order (no. K.D.P. 289/2015) regarding energy poverty. The measures defined to protect vulnerable categories of electricity customers are:

1. Reduced prices on electricity tariffs (special electricity tariff 08) which is based on a Ministerial Decision (no. K.D.P. 286/2016).

2. Financial incentives for installing a net-metering Photovoltaic system.

3. Financial incentives for upgrading the energy efficiency of their houses.

4. Safeguarding the continuous supply of electricity, during critical periods, to those vulnerable consumers that uninterrupted power supply is essential for reasons related to their health.

Policies for the Article 7/8 EED

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