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An energy efficiency obligation scheme (white certificate scheme)

An energy efficiency obligation scheme (white certificate scheme)

Thermomodernisation and Renovation Fund

Thermomodernisation bonus

Development of public transport in cities

Energy Regulatory Office is responsible for the management of the energy efficiency obligation scheme. All project require an ex ante audit and only projects above 100 ktoe/year require ex post audit. Energy Regulatory Office has the right to organise random controls of the audits and to apply penalties in case of false information presented in the audit.

The introduction of changes to the Act on supporting thermomodernisation and renovation are planned to enable inclusion of local governments at the municipality level in the implementation of low-emission projects targeted at the energy poor in their territory. Those could be financed in part from the Thermomodernisation and Renovation Fund which will make the Thermomodernisation and Renovation Fund a policy measure which takes into account actions targeted at households affected by energy poverty. Beneficiaries of State aid will include, in particular, persons who meet certain income and/or property criteria, i.e. State aid for thermomodernisation and renovation projects will also take into account social aspects, such as energy poverty.


Policies for the Article 7/8 EED

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