The Netherlands

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Energy Investment Allowance

Long Term Agreement industry

Long Term Agreement big industry (MEE

Long Term Agreement service

5 Policies targetted households

Policies targetted to the service

CO2 price electricity sector

BOSA Promoting the construction and maintenance of sports accommodations (amended as of 2019 with energy measures).

VAT Value Added Tax: reduced rate for insulation

Digital platform

Energy Performance Requirement for Offices (Label C)

Climate campaign: Iedereen doet wat (Everyone does something)

MMIP 3. Acceleration of energy renovation in the built-up environment

MMIP 4. Renewable heat (and cooling) in the built-up environment (including  greenhouse horticulture)

MMIP 5. The new energy system in the built-up environment in balance

NEF National Energy Savings Fund

Standardisation of Non-residential Buildings and Road Maps

Natural gas-free Districts and Large-Scale Testing Grounds Programme

PRE Programme for small-scale energy-saving measures

RVV Landlord Levy Sustainability Reduction Scheme

Housing standards and target values

Rental sector starter motor

Heat fund and building-related financing

WEW Flexible mortgage for energy-saving measures

District-oriented approach

WWS Housing Valuation System & EPV Energy Performance Allowance

NP RES National Regional Energy Strategy Programme

Net-metering (and VAT refund for solar PV) Built-up environment

ISDE Investment Subsidy Renewable Energy small appliances

National CO2 industry levy

Regional industrial cluster and frontrunner programmes

EB/RED/ODE: (Regulatory) Energy Tax & Surcharge for Sustainable Energy

Climate Act

EIA Energy Investment Deduction scheme

Green projects scheme (green investments)

MMIP 6. Closing industrial chains

MMIP 7. A 100% CO2-free industrial heat system

Environmental Management Act: Mandatory energy savings

Environmental Management Act: Information obligation

Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production (SDE)

Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030

MIA Vamil Environmental Investment Rebate and the Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments

BL/BL-plus Agriculture Guarantee & GL Agriculture Guarantee

CO2 sector system

EHG Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy Greenhouse Horticulture (&

Precursors IMM Investments in Environmentally Friendly Measures & IRE Investments in Energy Savings)

MEI Market introduction for energy innovations

Kas als energiebron (Greenhouse as an energy source) Programme

Convenant Schone en Zuinige Agrosectoren (Clean and Energy-efficient

Agrosectors Agreement) (Agroconvenant)

GD203 Het Nieuwe Draaien

Vehicle taxation: BPM, MRB and income tax addition

“Kies de best band” (Choose the best tire) Campaign

HNR Het Nieuwe Rijden

National Charging Infrastructure Agenda

Truck levy

MMIP 9. Innovative transmission and use of sustainable energy carriers for mobility

MMIP 10. Targeted transport movements for people and good

An example is for Long-Term Agreements on Energy Efficiency (LTAs) – In 2010 a new monitoring methodology for reporting gross energy saving was introduced. Since then companies have to report their energy efficiency improvements in their processor chain based on bottom-up energy savings per energy efficiency project. Other influential factors, like climate, production scale, or changed product specifications do not count towards energy efficiency improvements anymore.

Policies for the Article 7/8 EED

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