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Using measurements in monitoring energy efficiency policies: examples from 5 countries

ENSMOV Plus workshop on M&V Systems

Webinar report – How to set up and manage an energy efficiency fund?

Article 7 of the EED is one of the most important instruments for achieving the ambitious European energy efficiency targets. It allows the use of an Energy Efficiency Fund which can receive amounts from payments of obligated parties (or market participants) and the public budget to finance energy efficiency actions to generate required energy savings.

Learn more about the technical aspects of MRV

The difficulty often faced by the Member States on MRV in the context of Article 7 is how to deal with the sometimes complex requirements, without this becoming a burden on time and finances.

Parameters for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Article 7 Energy Efficiency Directive

This report offers an overview of the most important parameters, terms, and concepts that are relevant for monitoring, reporting and verification procedures for Article 7 EED.

Cost-effectiveness for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

Although MRV costs should normally be low relative to the monetary value of the savings being evaluated, they can play a role in the overall costs of a scheme. Decisions on MRV need to be shaped by the balance between the value-added of additional monitoring and the resulting higher robustness of energy savings.

Best practices of the M&V in the EU countries

The analysis of the best practices regarding the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanism from 2016, conducted through multEE project led to a few policy recommendations.

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