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Implications of the Fit for 55 Package on Member States’ Energy Saving Obligations

Webinar report – How to set up and manage an energy efficiency fund?

Article 7 of the EED is one of the most important instruments for achieving the ambitious European energy efficiency targets. It allows the use of an Energy Efficiency Fund which can receive amounts from payments of obligated parties (or market participants) and the public budget to finance energy efficiency actions to generate required energy savings.

Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme in the EED

Article 3 of EED requires that member states set an indicative national energy efficiency target. This target includes savings delivered by all national and EU-level actions, including new action under other provisions in the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Energy efficiency obligation schemes outside of the EU

EEOS exist in other countries of the world and their knowledge and experience is useful for the EU  Member States also.

Which Member States use alternative measures?

These snapshots present an overview of the policy mix used by different European countries, reporting to Article 7 for the obligation period 2014-2020

Lifetime of savings

After deciding what amount of energy savings is to be attributed to each individual action, the next step is to establish over what period this action will continue to deliver energy savings.

Taxation as an alternative measure

Taxation measures were and will be used since the Member States indicated in their National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) the use of the taxation measures for the new period.

How to best use Article 7 to tackle energy poverty?

In its Recommendation on Energy Poverty released in October 2020, the European Commission reported that nearly 34 million Europeans are unable to afford to keep their homes adequately warm.

State Aid and Article 7 EED

This review on offers an overview of how State aid policies are defined on the EU level regarding the energy efficiency measures implementation.

Financial Sustainability and Cost Effectiveness of Policies in the Context of Article 7 EED

This report focuses on financial topics from the perspective of policy design/redesign ranked very high in terms of their priority by the stakeholders.

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