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Check: Czech data on Article 7

Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness,

Operational Programme Environment 2014–2020,

Integrated Regional Operational Programme 2014–2020,

New Green Savings Programme 2014-2020,

Regeneration of pre-fabricated concrete buildings – PANEL 2013+,

JESSICA Programme,

EFEKT Programme,

OP Prague Growth Pole,

ENERG Programme,

Operational Programme Transport,

Environmental fuel tax,

Marketing ban for solid-fuel boilers in emission classes 1 and 2,

Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development / Improvement of technological processes,

Clean Energy Programme Prague,

National Environmental Program,

Declaration on the strategic cooperation – ČEZ a. s.

Operational Programme Competitiveness 2021–2027* (succession of Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness),

New Green Savings Programme*

Succession Programme of the New Green Savings Programme,

Operational Programme Environment 2021–2027*,

PANEL Programme,

Integrated Regional Operational Programme 2021–2027*,

Modernisation Fund,

EFEKT Programme,

ENERG Programme,

Taxation of fuel

Eco-driving Support,

Prohibition of boilers for 1st and 2nd emission class solid fuels,

Voluntary agreements.

* some measures deliver new savings from the previous obligation period and shall continue to do so until their allocations run out, only after that will new measures replace them.

The Czech Republic complies with the requirements of Article 7 EED through alternative measures and shall continue to do so in the next obligation period (2021-2030) as well. The implementation of an EEO scheme is not being currently considered, however, a voluntary agreement scheme is being applied. The general version of said agreement was agreed upon by the state and third parties at the beginning of 2020, at this moment, negotiations are in progress and so far, two agreements were signed. For this purpose and the overall simplification of monitoring and reporting energy savings, a new MRV system is being designed.

The supervisory authority with overall cross-sectional responsibilities, including oversight and communication with the EU institutions on the matter of energy efficiency and 2020 / 2030 target fulfilment is the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Czech Republic is working on a study that will, among other things, define energy poverty and the term vulnerable customer. It will also describe the phenomena, analyse the causes of their occurrence and present possible solutions. The final version of the methodology, including measures (policies) for their prevention, solutions, and economic demands, will be presented in the first quarter of 2021.

Policies for the Article 7/8 EED

This country content is under development.

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