Learn about Energy and Carbon taxation in Sweden

Energy taxes and carbon dioxide taxes – all savings are reported through taxation.Energy and carbon dioxide taxes

Energy and carbon dioxide taxes

The energy savings calculation includes only savings that are credited as the result of the price difference arising from the situations where Swedish taxes are higher than EU minimum.

Simplified calculation is done by multiplying the price difference with the energy consumption. Such saving has to be achieved via a new measure. This is not an issue since energy and carbon taxes in Sweden are much higher than EU level for a long period of time. The only question that concerns the authorities is what is the date used as the beginning of calculations.

So, to calculate the saving, they are using MRV method where the “baseline” scenario with the lower taxes is compared with this scenario.

The price difference due to taxation results in short- and long-term energy savings. So, when calculating saving, they are taking into consideration that savings might not be achieved within the first year of the project. Therefore, although linear model is used (if the connection of long- and short-term price elasticity is not known), for some cases, the savings will not be visible yet and not for future ten plus years.

Sweden does not treat energy poverty differently from poverty in general and so has no specific objectives for energy poverty.

Policies for the Article 7/8 EED

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