Best practices of the M&V in the EU countries

The analysis of the best practices regarding the existing M&V schemes and coordination mechanism from 2016, conducted through multEE project led to the following policy recommendations:

M&V schemes
Recommendation 1: Keep political responsibility for designing and Monitoring and Verifying Energy Efficiency policies in the same hands.

Recommendation 2: Involve sub-ordinate bodies or other specialized institutions in the administration of the scheme.

Recommendation 3: Clearly define the responsibilities between the responsible line Ministry, possible supporting institutions and data providers.

Recommendation 4: Develop and use bottom-up methodologies for monitoring wherever economically feasible.

Recommendation 5: Centralized databases (e.g. for bottom-up data) with clearly defined collection procedure ensure availability and accessibility of data for reporting and evaluation purposes.

Recommendation 6: The most effective verification and reporting procedures should be integrated into the M&V scheme.

Coordination mechanisms
Recommendation 7: Systematically involve the implementation level (typically local and regional) in the policy formulation process and make use of their specific expertise and knowledge.

Recommendation 8: Complement formal policy coordination through formal channels by informal coordination fora or networks.

Recommendation 9: Involve other stakeholders from academia, economy or civil society into policy formulation and implementation.

Recommendation 10: Complement legal obligations for local and regional support schemes with carefully designed financial support schemes.

Recommendation 11: Introduce a review mechanism for the different policies adopted and include different stakeholders in the evaluation.

Read more in the EU Best Practice for M&V schemes & Coordination Mechanisms report.


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